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In 1886, Druggists, as they were known at that time got together and formed the Pharmaceutical Association. At that time Druggists were under the control of the Doctors and as such, quarterly meeting between both professions were also held to discuss mutual concerns of both professions. Ten years later, in 1898, members voted for the formation of The Pharmaceutical Society. Although The Society was functioning, it was only officially registered as a Society under the Company’s ordinance in 1925. The Society also established a Journal; the first issue of The Pharmaceutical Journal was published in 1940.

The Society opposed the regulation of the profession of pharmacy by the Council of the Medical Board of Trinidad, starting in 1936. The Pharmacy Board of Trinidad and Tobago was finally legislated in 1960 with the creation of the Pharmacy Board Act 7 of 1960. Until that time, the Society represented pharmacists for all matters pertaining to the profession of pharmacy ranging from the creation of an Employment Bureau to regulating the pharmaceutical trade in the Colony. As the Pharmacy Board gained in stature less attention was given to The Pharmaceutical Society and it subsequently became defunct. It was revived in xxxx and renamed The Pharmaceutical Society of Trinidad & Tobago (TPSTT); TPSTT is now registered as a company with the Registrar of Companies. Its Memorandum & Articles of Association were registered under the new Companies Ordinance, Chapter 31 No 1.

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